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When living with a disability, you or a loved one can benefit from receiving specific disability support in your day-to-day life. From supporting your health and well-being to providing you with avenues to participate in work, education, sports and other activities that you’d love to be a part of, we will help you achieve what you want. We can help you learn new skills, see new sights, make new friends, and most of all do the things you love.

At Respectability, we believe that you should choose the right support and services that suit your individual goals and lifestyle. We will give you greater choice and enhance your independence and well-being. Our dedicated team are here to help you live how you choose and provide you with all the disability support services under one roof to help you do the things that you love.

Did you know that in Toowoomba, people only use 70% of their plan funds? We can help you to better understand your plan and make sure you use all of the funds you were given.


Core Supports enable you to complete activities of daily living and work towards your goals and meet your objectives. The Core Supports budget is the most flexible, and in most cases, you can use your funding across any of the support categories.

Support Category – Assistance with Daily Life

For example, assistance with everyday needs, household cleaning and/or yard maintenance.

Support Items

• Assistance With Personal Domestic Activities

• Assistance With Self-Care Activities

• House and Yard Maintenance

• House Cleaning And Other Household Activities

• Assistance in Supported Independent Living (SIL)

• Individualised Living Options (ILO)

Support Category – Assistance with Social and Community Participation

For example, a support worker to assist you to participate in social and community activities.

Support Items

• Access Community Social And Recreational Activities

• Employment Supports

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Capacity Building Supports help build your independence and skills to help you pursue your goals. Unlike your Core Supports budget, your Capacity Building Supports budget cannot be moved from one support category to another. Funding can only be used to purchase approved individual supports that fall within that Capacity Building category.

Support Category – Support Coordination

This is a fixed amount for a Support Coordinator to help you use your plan.

Support Items


Support Category – Improved Living Arrangements

Support to help you find and maintain an appropriate place to live.

Support Items

• Assistance With Accommodation And Tenancy Obligations

Support Category – Improved Relationships

This support will help you develop positive behaviours and interact with others.

Support Items

• Individual Social Skills Development

Support Category – Improved Daily Living Skills

Assessment, training or therapy to help increase your skills, independence and community participation.

Support Items

• Assistance With Decision Making Daily Planning and Budgeting

Support Category – Increased Social and Community Participation

Development and training to increase your skills so you can participate in community, social and recreational activities.

Support Items

• Skills Development And Training